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Welcome! On this site you'll find a rich collection of sports related anecdotes, photo's, little movies, cartoons, jokes, quotes and babes. Anyone who likes sports, humor and babes, should be able to spend some enjoyable minutes here.

Unfortunately, most of the site is still in Dutch, since we're from Holland. We're working on an English translation, but that takes a lot of time. We have to do it all manually, as (good) translating programs from Dutch to English are hard to find.

Anyone who feels like giving us a hand - please do! Just drop us a line, and we'll fix you up with some homework In return, you can count on our eternal thankfulness.

For the rest - just click around, and you'll find some cool stuff, especially in the 'Movies', 'Cartoons', 'Photo's' and 'Sports Babes' sections. Have fun!!
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